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New Scan options

With the recent update/release there are some new options that are showing up the Advanced Scan Workbench (ASW).

In the Technical Indicators dropdown listing I note some new items.

DEMA, TEMA, HullMA, DistFromSMA, DistFromEMA, BOP, ConnorsRSI, RVOL SMA, RVOL EMA, TTM Squeeze, and TTM Squeeze Hist.

These are some of the StockCharts ACP pack indicators that were rolled out in ACP that are now showing in the ASW. They are not indicators that you can show on a SharpChart at the moment. You have to use ACP to see these indicators on a chart. They do appear to be producing results in the scans though.

I don't see any new options showing in the SharpCharts workbench at the moment.

To find out more about these indicators, the Help in StockCharts has been updated quite thoroughly.
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