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GALLERY VIEW ...... what a waste of time

GALLERY VIEW ..... what a waste of time ... The idea is great but the implementation is terrible. 4 charts, 4 different time frames ... on 1 view

a) the 4 charts need to fit on ONE screen view. I do not have the time to 4 page click to see each ONE of the 4 views. That's 4 clicks for ONE symbol.
b) the first 3 charts are small, but the 4th one, point and figure, is HUGE... I mean HUGE.
c) this Gallery View should be a fast click, click click - one click to see 4 charts of one symbol on one page. Next, next, next, etc.
d) we should be able to NOT see the point and figure if we don't want it, or to replace it with a 4th of our choice.
e) Why is here the ONLY place to see point and figure? PnF is a CHART STYLE ... not a VIEW

Why is this basic stuff just sitting here for YEARS, festering, ... unfixed ... while trivial stuff like Auto Scroll are tinkered with ???


  • Gallery view is a scroll down to see one symbol with 4 different charts on one "page". Unless you change the magnification on the browser, or create tiny custom Gallery View chartstyles, I doubt that they will ever fit on one screen.

    You can change change the size of the PnF chart by clicking on the PnF chart and changing the size in the settings. Then click on the Save as Default link. To make the PnF chart even smaller, make sure the Volume is set to Off. This will change the size of the Gallery View chart as well as the chart displayed using the Point and Figure links.

    In Gallery View you can create your own chartstyles to use but they have to follow the guidelines, to a certain extent.

    From reading the link, I didn't know about the side by side option. Interesting.

    I'd love to have PnF be treated as a chartstyle. I'd love to have it be available as a Default. I've requested many changes over the years for PnF charts and none have been implemented. Perhaps.... This is the Year!!!
  • Thanks. Better now. More functional. I can see 2 charts per page. Still needs 2 pages to see all 4 charts, but I'm ok for now with no added clicks to see the first two charts, then go to the next symbol.

    If the programmers would work thru lunch for a few days, this could be a really useful function.
  • I recently started getting messages that I"m 'requesting' too much data, I have 12 charts open, is there a limit to how much we can have open?
  • ptcamanptcaman
    edited May 2022
    thanks for letting me know
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