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Marking on the Chart

I looked around the site and couldn't find anything on this.
Is there away to have a chart automatically show when the price hit a whole number (51,52 etc) with dots or something?

So if for example I pull up a daily chart there would be dots where the price hit a whole number.



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    I don't think there is anything like that but, I can think of one suggestion.

    Adding Horizontal lines to your saved chartstyle. You can put in the parameter field all of the whole numbers. I'd recommend adding the Horizontal lines in 2 indicators with the odd numbers in one and the even numbers in the other. Set one of the Horizontal Lines to Solid, the other to dotted or dashed.

    Using a Histogram chart type plots closing prices

    It's not what you asked for but it is an option.

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    Thanks for your input! I will play around with this and see.
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    I put Horizontal Lines on my chartstyles at Gerald Appel's "magic numbers" levels. I have listed these in prior posts on this forum to look up if interested.

    If allowed for further user defining the grid options, that would be another option. But they don't at the moment.
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