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Open + or - XY%

Guys I need please your help, I looked everywhere I could, but I wasn´t able to find an answer to this. I´d like to add to my scan the option to show a stock trading (I.E.) at least +2% today. How to do that? I tried this : and [close > open*1.002] but it shows also stocks trading below 2%. Thanks in advance for your help.


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    and [ROC(1) >= 2.0] might be what you are looking for?


    open*1.002 is using a factor of +0.2%
    1.02 is +2%
    1.2 is +20%

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    many thanks for your hel! It was much appreciated.It was my mistake, it is working with 1.02 for +2%. How to set the -2%
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    minus 2 per cent would be times .98, so more than 2% down from open would be

    and [close < open * .98]

    remember, if you are scanning for current session data (today's open, today's close) while the current session is underway, prices continue to change. So a hit that fits your condition at the time of the scan may not still meet that condition when you view the results.

    So, to verify whether your scan is giving the results you expect, test the scan after hours first.
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    perfect, it works. Thanks also for the additional comments, everything makes sense. I am using other filters to overcome this tricky conditions.
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