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Additional scan filter "Industry"

Guys, I´d like to add an additional filter to my scan: My idea is to filter out stocks by "Industry" SCTR. Let say (I.E.) my scan finds 10 stocks candidates, adding the filter SCTR #80 just 2. Is it possible in some ways?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2022
    In the Price Volume and SCTRs drop down under the Scan Criteria window, there is a "sctr.industry" listed. However, it ranks only the industry indexes (e.g. $DJUSOL), NOT the symbols within an industry.

    But you can get what you want - symbols within an industry in SCTR order - with this process.

    1 Write a scan like this:

    // get stock SCTRs above 80

    [exchange is NYSE]
    and [type is stock]
    and [group is not ETF] // or whatever stocks you want to look at

    and [SCTR > 80]

    rank by SCTR

    // end scan

    2 Save the results to a chart list - be sure to use "preserve sort order".

    3 View the saved list in "Summary" view. Notice in the NAMES column, the names of the stocks appear with a number in front. That's because your scan said "rank by" and you clicked "preserve sort order".

    4 Now click on "Industry" to sort the column by industry in alphabetical order. (Note: symbols without an industry appear at the top of the list - if you click "industry" again, results appear in reverse alphabetical order and symbols with no industry appear at the bottom of the list).

    5 Go to the bottom of the page and click "Number in Sorted Order".

    Now in the NAMES column you will see two numbers leading the name for each symbol. The symbols will be sorted by industry and within each industry will be sorted by SCTR, which is what you want.


    a - You can sort again by SECTOR. If you do, there will be three numbers before each symbol name, and the industries will be grouped by sector, then industry, then SCTR.

    b - if you get too many results, you can edit the "universe" section for sectors - e.g. [group is EnergySector].

    c - You could also run a scan like

    [sctr.industry > 80]
    rank by sctr.industry

    then run the first scan above , but edit it to include an industry from the second scan (select the industry from the "sector and industry" drop down under the scan window.

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    first of all I´d like to thank you for the great help and for your time. So a kind of scan (put all togheter) as I had in mind is not possible. But I can start from here anyway. Kind of: I save the scan as above in "chartlist" #1, then I chance in my scan the stocks I am looking for from (I.E.) exchange NYSE to "scan components" chart list #1. This will give the stocks I am looking for even in intraday scan. Sadly a historical scan (look back 2 weeks ago) is not possible in this conditions.
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    I think that is correct. The SCTR ranking is always as of the date the scan is actually run, not a past date you might select from the calendar tool.

    But, if it helps, you can download your scan results to excel, and the SCTR will be included. So you can always look in the excel file to see what the SCTR was on the date that scan was downloaded.
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    Just another "tip or trick"

    In Summary view, on a current chartlist you can also do a Primary sort on one column and a Secondary sort on another column as well. For example, assuming you have Industry and SCTR showing in Summary view. Click on the SCTR column to sort, Descending. Then hold the Ctrl key down and click on the Industry sort.

    It should then be showing the chartlist by the Industry group, ascending and the highest SCTR to lowest SCTR symbols for the Industry group. Click on Number in Sorted Order at the bottom and it will save that sorted list in that order.

    This doesn't address a way to deal with the initial question in a scan though. Because of the difference with how StockCharts works with .industry versus "Sectors and Industries" in the scan engine, it would be something that you'd have to create a cross-reference between the two, and I don't know if that would be advisable, due to the vast differences in the constituent makeup between the two.
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    thanks guys, much appreciated. Or another way I am working on: Let say that I scan for the strongest sectors (components) like SCTR >80 for the last 6 months. Then I have add manually from "sectors/Industry"to my scan all the sectors/components that I have found in the last 6 months. So now I know that all the results of the scan are showing stocks from the strongest industries.
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