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Scanning time frames

I have been scanning charts with a daily period, now want to scan charts with a weekly period. I have changed the charts I want to scan to the weekly period. Problem is when I get my results, I have daily charts not weekly, hope this makes sense. Why are my scans not presenting weekly charts ?


  • The scan engine doesn't know about the chart styles you have created, so it displays results in your "default" chart style.

    So you have two choices - change your default chart style to one of your weekly styles, or keep your current default style but save your scan results to a list and then update the list from your default style to a weekly style.

    If you don't have a weekly style, you can create one by displaying a chart on the chart work bench, make all your selections (bar type, time frame, indicators, etc.) then click "save as default" or "add new".

    If you already have a weekly chart style and want to make it the default, bring up a chart, apply the weekly chart style and click "save as default".

    If you want to keep your current default style, save your scan results to a list and click on one chart to bring it up on the chart workbench. Select your weekly style from the ChartStyles drop down, then go to the bottom of the page and click on "Apply style to all".
  • Another way to apply a saved chartstyle on chartlist is to select the symbols from the list in Edit mode. Then click on the purple paintbrush and pick the chartstyle you want to apply.

    I don't use this method currently, but it is available.

  • Thanks Imkwin and markd for the help
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