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Syntax SCTR help

Guys I need again your help sorry. I am looking for a scan that looks for stocks that average a SCTR >90 for the last X days. I am trying with this one: [Daily SMA(90,SCTR) > 90] but it doesn´t work as I thought. Any idea how to do that? Thx for your help in advance!


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Try a Rank By on the scan and it will show you the value for Daily SMA90,SCTR in the last column of the results.

    RANK BY [Daily SMA(90,SCTR)]

    Are you asking how to get a SMA90,SCTR that is entirely above 90 for the 90 days? a Min of the SMA90 SCTR > 90 should find those. min(90,sma(90sctr)) > 90. But, if that's the case of wanting just a SCTR over 90 for 90 days, you don't need the SMA, just the SCTR.

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    many thx!! Now it is working, I was looking for just the SCTR value indeed and not the sma. Trying to find a solution myself I came across this:
    and [SCTR >90]
    and [yesterday's SCTR >90]
    and [2 days ago SCTR >90]
    and go ahead for the days I need, but I think your is better :-)
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