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SPINNING CIRCLE - good news !!

It seems like they fixed the massive SPINNING CIRCLE delay.

What used to take me 18 spinning circles and over a MINUTE to load a 500 item chartlist in Candleglance .....
now takes NO spinning circles and just 2 SECONDS to get from very top to very bottom.

Let's see if this sticks.


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    It definitely got faster which is good..

    They added a new filter of sorts to the 10 per page view. Although it's not as elegant as the prior page number, it is their attempt to change something for change sake. I'd like to see that added back to the CandleGlance so that pages are available. It allows for knowing where you are in a chartlist. Am I at the beginning of the list? The middle? The bottom? This is important, particularly in the new long chartlists that they allow.

    So, although I'm not of the opinion that the new page filters on the 10 per page are an enhancement, I've suggested they add them to the CandleGlance to get a page option back on that view.

    On a phone, they have really made things harder to navigate.
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