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I have been using alerts for a few weeks now and I realize that for some unknown reason to me, sometimes an alert is paused. I have no idea why that happens. Do you guys have any ideas?


  • I don't use alerts, but the following suggests the toggle was hit in error from play to pause, or you didn't realize it was set already set for pause and didn't change it to play.

    Current State - shows whether the price alert is running or has been paused.
    Play/Pause - clicking this icon will toggle the advanced alert between Running and Paused states.

    Apparently the same toggle is used in price alerts. But just guessing. Maybe someone else has had the same experience.
  • Thanks. Now I check them every morning to make sure that they are not paused but occasionally, one or two of them are paused. I'm sure it's something that I am doing.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited May 2022
    The only thing that I can think of is that the Alert is saved as pause.

    There are 3 choices in the dropdown. If it is showing pause, you can change it to another option. If you do NOT click on Save Alert after the change, it will remain as pause.

    Unfortunately, there is no elegant way to view that field other than going one by one through your Alerts. On the Members Dashboard home page they have given the ability to display a Your Alerts box with very minimal data.

    It would be nice to have another column to view of that status field in here. So you'd know when it last ran/ triggered, and if it's still running or not.

    On a different Alert note. The Price Alerts has been expanded to a limit of 200 for Extra members. This is a great feature to use for keeping track of particular charts of interest. You can set alerts on any chart in the StockCharts system. You want to keep track of Unemployment numbers? You want to keep track of the Aussie / US dollar? Or the Bullish Percents for SP Industrials? or the RS of CPI to GDP? Any acceptable symbol, or ratio symbol comparison, is available to set Price Alerts on. AND the price chart you want is showing on the screen you create the alert on.
  • I think that you may be correct. The same alert triggered again just now and when I checked it was paused. I think that I may not have saved it correctly.
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