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How To Set Up Charts To Scroll Through

After getting results from my scan how do I set my charts up to view in ACP so that I can just click through each one without having to go back and forth to my scan results page?


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    You may have to save the results as an ACP chartlist? I'm not certain on that. But once saved as an ACP chartlist you should be able to scroll a list.

    don't know if you tried any of these yet for the "advanced" platform.

    I don't use ACP for much of much at the moment. The only thing that I've seen in there that is superior to the sharpcharts system, in my opinion, would be the setting of price alerts perhaps.
  • Run your scan, select Save to Chart List. When the dialog box comes up, click on ACP Charts, leave the chartlist name as is (named for your scan and today's date) or change, it, click on preserve sort order, if you want that, then click Save to List.

    It should take you over to ACP with the symbols listed in a column on right. Click on each symbol to display the chart.
  • Got it. So once I save ACP charts they automatically revert to candlesticks and preset MA's. I know how to change to OHLC and add MA's but how do you save it. I changed from candles to bars and added my MA's and then when I clicked on the next symbol it went back to candles and preset MA's.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2022
    In ACP, choose any chart and add indicators, overlays, etc. until you are happy. Then click "save chart style" (green button, lower left). Name the chart style and save it. After you save it, if you want it to show up on every new chart, make it your default style - click the star icon after the name.
  • I got it. Thanks. Another question. As far as time frames I like the daily on a 1yr chart. So when I run my scans and save them into a chart list and start scrolling through it brings up the daily but I have to select the 1yr range every time I scroll to the next chart. How do arrange it so that it brings up the 1yr chart without having to select it every time I scroll to the next chart?
  • when you have a 1 yr chart on the screen, save it as a chart style and then make that chart style your default. From that point FORWARD, when you run a scan and save the results, the charts will display in your default style at the time you ran the scan. If you have older lists that were saved with a different default style, those will not update automatically.
  • Thanks again.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Almost like Grayson is reading your questions @Gregory

    They just posted a new video talking about setting up styles and using them.

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