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Advanced scanning not working, says The Scan Engine is taking too long to return your results. Pleas

No matter what scan I run it says same thing. Every since the change of how scanning shows up it has done this. I cant get in touch w tech support because I dont have access to that email anymore, no matter how many times I email them telling them my new email address they still wont reply to the new email.
But yet I am still being charged for a service that half works!!!!!'
Any suggestions please????


  • Check your user account details. You may have to change your user id, which is your email. I'm just guessing though.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Upper Right corner of StockCharts screen. There should be your name. Click on that dropdown

    Go to Your Account. In the ACCOUNT INFO section, User ID is the email you are looking for. YOU Change it there. I don't think that THEY change it, nor should they, imho.

    On the other issue, I tend to get a 'taking too long...' when I've created a parameter in the scan that is more complex than the system likes, or if their cloud server setup is having a temporary connection issue.

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