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Requesting help to properly phrase a scan seeking stocks where today’s Minus DI(2) is less than the Minus DI (2) at yesterday’s close.
So far have tried: Minus DI(2)< yesterday’s close. Or adding—->”of Minus DI(2)”. Did not work, and could not come up with another way of phrasing the request. Thanks for any help.


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Check the Minus DI(2) value really has no correlation to the price of the stock. It's an indication of the movement of the price of the stock.

    Your first sentence indicates that you want to compare the Minus DI(2) to yesterday's Minus DI(2).

    and [Minus DI(2) < Yesterday's Minus DI(2)]

    appears to work.

    Of course that should provide you with different data in the middle of a trading day. If you want yesterdays close, click on the calendar and chose yesterday's date, or 1 days ago.

    In the scan language you could use 2 days ago minus DI < 1 days ago minus DO also if planning on running during a trading day I suppose.

    I'd use the calendar function instead unless a nested scan is required. Nested as in looking for multiple instances, like
    5 days ago less than 6 days ago
    and/or 4 days ago less than 5 days ago
    and/or 3 days ago less than 4 days ago...etc.

  • Just to amplify a bit on lmkwin's answer -

    The scan engine always works with closing data only, so you don't have to specify that want a closing value for a past date. All past data is as of the close of the date you specify (1 day ago, 10 days ago, etc.)

    After the close of today's session (4pm eastern), "today's" data is also "past" data (even thought the calendar data is today's date), and "today's" data is the closing value of the indicator or price (high, low, close) for the session just finished.

    If today's session is still going on (say it's 2:04 pm eastern) and you run a scan specifying "today's" value for some indicator or price, then the scan engine considers that the most recent update is the last update of the day (even though it isn't). So, after each intraday update, if you run the scan again, the scan results will (usually) differ because "today's" data has changed.
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