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ADX Intraday Scan

Hi All - Does stockcharts allow for ADX scans based off intraday timeframes? For example, I'm looking for ADX to be below both DIs and then cross above the lower DI when looking at a 1 minute chart? If not, does anyone know of programs that will be able to handle this?


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    So far, you can run intraday scans but only on daily or higher time frame data.

    ThinkorSwim (TOS) from TD Ameritrade can probably do it, and there are probably other brokers' software that can do it as well.

    Maybe some other members will chime in on that.
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    Thank you for the quick reply, appreciate it.
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    I don't use the scanner a lot on TOS (ThinkorSwim). There is a lot of "help" on the internet for designing criteria to meet most needs. The link below shows a common type of thread where someone mentions a need/wish/find. Someone posts code. Someone wants something similar but different. Someone posts code. and on and on.

    I can't vouch for the accuracy of code or results but, there is a lot of good help on the web for customizing ThinkorSwim. I have acquired a few indicators this way.
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