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Save a chart in time

I know how to save a daily or weekly chart in time by setting the date parameters to one day ago or later. Time will not advance on that chart. Do you know is it possible to save a lower TF chart, a 10-minute chart, so that I can go back and look at it months later? Can I save a chart in time today or do I have to wait until tomorrow and set the date to some time before today's date?


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    Don't know if this answers the queston but....

    You can pick the Select Start/End for the Range of the chart, whatever period you'd like. It will default to a year ago as the start and "today" as the end.

    Here's a fun thing about the Select Start/End. When you do that, there is a date slider that will appear at the end of the top line of chart attributes.

    You can drag that slider over to move the date range period showing. You can also change the period by dragging one side of the slider in or out to create a longer or shorter period showing.

    You can also click on the triangles on the left or right to advance the slider in that direction. So, let's say you have a 10 minute chart. You can advance a bar with each click.

    It's a pretty nifty feature that can allow one to look at behavior at prior periods of interest and advance the chart as you'd like. On a 10 minute chart, change the default range to be 3 months or less.

    You can save that as a chartstyle. If you HAVE to save a End date on the style you will only get that date range. Leaving at 'today' will allow you to scroll back using the slider controls.
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    Thanks again, that slide bar is pretty cool. I do want to save some lower time frame charts for studying for a long time and as you know, the lower time frame charts only go back a few months, so I'd like to be able to save them sort of like a picture or a screen shot for much longer than the few months period of active charts. The only way that I have saved a chart like that is to set the daily time period to at least one day ago.I tried to find it on SC website, and I found all kinds of stuff for saving charts but not this particular question.
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    Maybe ACP will be able to overcome the limitations. Afterall, it is "advanced".
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    I play around with this stuff every day and I am constantly messing with charts. I have never used the slide bar and i had not ever paid any attention to it. Now that you pointed it out, I think that I'll start using it. It's much faster. Also, I know how to say what I tried to say earlier about saving charts. If you fix the start date and the end date and put that chart into a chart list, it will keep it just like it is for future reference. I have only done that with daily and weekly charts, but I am about to try it with a 10-minute chart and see how it goes.
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