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iPhone and iPad

Maybe you'll also have some experience with this problem I have. If I have already asked this one, sorry for asking again. I can't run my scans on my phone or iPad any longer. Not long ago both would run them. My phone will load my various scans but won't run them. My iPad will not load any of the scans let alone run them. I can get to SC site, find the scans but that's as far as I can go now. I had assumed that appl had a security update or something that caught par of SC services and won't allow access to them but I'm probably wrong. Anyway, would you happen to know anything about this issue?


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    Don't have an iPhone or iPad. But, it does sound like a security settings issue. Maybe support would know what the settings should be.
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    I don't do much except viewing lists on a phone, and don't use a tablet but maybe a popup blocker is stopping it.
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    Thanks again. I will probably take a trip the aapl store and see what they can tell me.
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