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Can scanned or alert codes be implanted to cover just the stocks in my own chart list

How to prepare a scan and alert for stocks that cross the 50 day ma line either up or down
" a 2 month average up or down
" crossover between a 9 day and 18 day ma up and down
" a three day pull back up or down trend



  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited September 2022
    I'd put "cross" in the search box at the top of the forum. Plenty of "how do I" setting up scans and alerts in prior discussions will appear from just putting in the appropriate search terms.

    SELECT your Chartlist from the Chartlists dropdown in the workbench. Then add the cross criteria.

    If you get stuck, copy your scan code here for troubleshooting.
  • Thanks I will try tp do it,
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