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Lagging intraday volume?

Is there any way to have intraday charts, in this case the 5 minute, show volume real time? Like, I'm not sure why a price candle appears, but the corresponding volume bar for that candle only appears like half an hour later....Kind of defeats the purpose, the way I see it.....Or am I looking at it wrong? If anyone knows, thanks in advance...


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2022
    Check your account page to see if you are paying for real time data. There is an additional exchange fee(s) on top of your subscription to get real time data.

    If you are using legacy charts on the Chart Workbench, also check your "Refresh" interval located under the symbol box on the upper right. The fastest update interval there is 5 seconds.

    I don't use ACP very often. It says it's real time and it appears to update frequently. However, depending on the data, volume may not appear to update until there is enough volume to graph a volume bar. I'm just guessing about that. How much data is required to begin a new bar probably depends on how the chart is scaled for the preceding data. A very tall volume bar would enlarge the scale, so the next bar, plotted to the same scale but with much less volume, might not show up until the bar is almost expired. ( For instance, if a bar trades 50 K shares, and the next bar's starting volume is 100 shares, the 100 shares tick might not show up. You might not see a volume bar or any ticks until maybe 2K or 3K or 5K shares have traded. Again, just guessing.)

    If you are paying the exchange fee, but you're sure you are not getting the data, check with Support.
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    Just be careful with the Refresh interval and the charts you apply it to. They have a policy
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