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A scan to find all stocks that have made a recent low close to 2018 or earlier (2017, 2016,2015,etc)

Does anyone know how to make a scan that have reached their stock prices back to 2018 or earlier? It would also have to be something that hasn't gone that low since that period of time (aka lower than its COVID 2020 crash). An example would be like NFLX


  • I think you would use price channels. You would have to figure out the length you want. Then test for today's lower channel value is the minimum value over some length of time.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited November 2022
    I believe the 'max' value you can use on any parameter is 600. So 600 days, or 600 weeks or 600 months would be the max. @markd's suggestion on using price channels it a great idea and visual. You'd have to use a weekly parameter to get back to early 2020 and before. 2018 is approximately 4+ years ago. 4 years is approximately 208 weeks (52 x 4), so a 208 week Price Channel would show the low, and high of the 4 year period on a weekly chart, as well as a middle line that is the halfway point of the high minus low of the channel divided by 2.

    Something to keep in mind is that there is no automated way to tether to a specific date other than the Anchored VWAP. So the 208 weekly period will move forward with each passing week.

    To find on a scan, securities that have dropped below that level, try max Lower Price Channel vs min Price or Lower Price Channel of a more recent period to find the ones that have exceeded the highest low of the longer period. If the min price of a nearer term is below the max Lower price channel of the longer term it has breached the lower price channel for the period.

    min 30 weekly low < max 208 weekly lower price channel, would show the ones that have printed below the highest 4 year (208 week) low in the last 20 weeks for example. Sounds confusing but once you understand price channels are made up of 3 parts (upper, middle, lower) it gets easier.

    You could also use weekly ROC 208 and if it's below 0 you have your securities that have a negative return from 208 weeks ago. ROC uses the closing prices. Price Channels use the Highs and Lows on the period.

    red dotted line show where the max lower price channel 208 was when crossed

    You show Bollinger Bands on your chart. Another observation/study I'm working on is reviewing the BB values on time charts in relation to the PnF charts. I'm trying to approximate the Price Objectives that are calculated on the PnF charts but not available for use in StockCharts. I'm noting that a weekly 10,6 gets pretty close on the current Bullish calculation (if there is one), and a weekly 10,3 gets close on the Bearish calculation (if there is one). Still in the observations stage at the moment. Looking at max lowers and min uppers on there also but pushing those back 40+ weeks or so for a different observation. I'll share more if developments merit. Right now you can't use the risk/reward on the PnF charts because they haven't allowed the price objective data into the workbench.

    I've got a lot of suggestions on PnF charts in to Support. We'll see if any are in the next update. Haven't seen a single one in my membership tenure with the site.
  • Thanks guys! this is helpful, i'll try some things out
  • markdmarkd mod
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    Actually, here's an easier way to do it. Change the universe [group is...] to suit yourself.

    [group is sp500]

    and [monthly min(3,monthly low) = monthly min(48, monthly low)]

    The min(3,..) is to get stocks that have started to rise off their new lows. You could play with that number.

    The min(r48,...) is a four year look back period. You could raise or lower it to suit.
  • Thanks! i did end up going with something like that except i set it up for 72 months, it worked really well!
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