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I can't For the Life of me, figure out how to open up CHARTLISTS to see the Parameters i selected. Yes, I can View the stocks in the Scan, and I can see 'Scans' perfectly. It is Only an issue with Chartlists. How can you tell what parameters you Inputted? It doesn't seem to be an option to view the parameters


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited December 2022
    The chartlist won't do it for you. You would have to add the notes yourself.

    You can add notes to a chartlist. At the bottom of the ChartList screen in most views is a box to add notes for the list.

    You can also add notes on the individual charts in the chartlist as well. There's a box under each chart in 10 per page view to add and save. It's also available in Edit.

    If you are running a scan, the results will show and at the top of that results screen should show the scan code.

    You can Copy it right from there, save the results of the scan to a chartlist and then paste the code into the chartlist notes.

    Then when you go to the chartlists view on your account you can see the code there.

    Personally I create scans and alerts and name them appropriately. I then save the results to a chartlist with the same name so I know what is what.
  • Agree with @lmkwin.

    Name the chart list by the name of the scan.

    You can keep lists and scans in order by preceding the name with some kind of number or letter prefix - for example:

    00 01 RSI cross above 70 - sp500

    00 02 RSI cross above 70 - exchange is NYSE

    10 01 MACD cross over below zero - exchange is NASD


    Putting the detailed scan code in the chart notes is a great idea. Never thought to do that.

  • You can also use symbols as prefixes. Like an exclamation point, or an asterisk, or dashes or periods or just about anything. Or multiples of anything, like two asterisks or 3 dashes and 2 exclamation points. The symbols will show before the numbers and letters in "alpha-numeric" order.

    @markd, I didn't think of the chartnotes option until they asked. I do the same as you, name the scan descriptively and save to a chartlist with the same name. I do the same with Alerts. For those I use the scan code and save the alert with the same name as the scan. Only difference there is that the Alert can't have a Rank By in the code.

    And don't forget about the ability to see all of your scan codes in detail by using the See All in the workbench

    You can modify, and delete your scans, as well as copy, all of your scan language for backup purposes
  • I forgot about special characters in the names - I don't use them because I can never remember the special character sequence for indexing...
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited December 2022
    I just "learned" something 'new'. In 10 per Page view, you can click on the header bar and change the Name field right on the screen. This certainly will be put to good use by me.

    Changing the NAME of a chart allows you to add additional information and/or change a sort to group things together.

    Let's say I have the FANG stocks in a ChartList.
    AMZN Amazon
    GOOGL Google
    META Meta
    NFLX Netflix

    Current know ways (to me) to change the name include:
    going to Summary View and "Number in Sorted Order"
    going to Edit View and clicking on the Name field
    going to the Chart and then using Save or Save As and editing the Name there.

    Getting back to the example, ChartLists display in CandleGlance and 10 per Page, in Name order. Let's say I'm reviewing the ChartList in 10 per Page view and I want to denote a chart(s) that I want to review as the setup looks good. I can just click on the header bar for that chart and change the name by adding an indication of wanting to review in front of the current name. Let's say that GOOGL and META charts look like something I want to review/explore further and the AMZN and NFLX charts are not. By adding a 1 in front of the name, the chartlist will then change the display order from this:

    AMZN Amazon
    GOOGL Google
    META Meta
    NFLX Netflix

    to this:

    GOOGL 1 Google
    META 1 Meta (formerly Facebook)
    AMZN Amazon
    NFLX Netflix

    I can even add in 'tips' or other information like (formerly Facebook) into the name.

    Here's one way that I use the Name feature. I keep a chartlist of open orders from my brokerage account. The Name includes the price level, the order type, limit or stop limit, and whether it is a add on purchase in the case of a buy.

    When the brokerage order is completed, I can edit the information in the Name to match the execution and then merge or copy that chart into another chartlist that holds my open positions. With my new found discovery, I can now review my open orders in 10 per Page view and have my brokerage open orders open on another tab and then modify or cancel the orders in the brokerage account and also modify or cancel the display in the chartlist right from 10 per Page view. Very quick and easy. I like that.

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