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Stochastic Green Dot Indicator

In the Wishing Wealth Blog, Dr Wish talks about a Stochastic Green Dot Indicator. The youtube below is a demonstration using TC2000. I would like to find someone that can help me reproduce this in SharpCharts. I am very ignorant about writing code. Can you help or direct me?


  • The Stockcharts indicators for SharpCharts are proprietary -that is, the code is written and put into production by Stockcharts coders.

    ACP takes plug-ins. I think that is what you would need. Plug-ins are explained here:

    You would have to find an existing plug-in. I assume that if you write one yourself, you would have to have it approved by Stockcharts before it could be added to ACP.
  • You can't reproduce it on You could probably use the criteria for a scan if you desired. You'd just add the individual components you want into the Scan Workbench. You can select them off the dropdown menus in the workbench.

    They created this as a custom indicator for ThinkorSwim charting and scanning if you have that access.

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