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P&F Inquiry: and

Hi - Has anyone ever used or for P&F charting? I've emailed them a few times but no one replies. Not sure if either site is legit? Any info would be appreciated, thank you!


  • I've never used them. They were both options when I was looking at options a while ago. I had the same experience as you. No response to inquiry. Bullseyebroker is on twitter. Last post was 4 years ago or so. Funny thing about that twitter user, they have in their bio. So maybe one became the other or they are both. Either way, I wouldn't be too keen to sign up for a non-responsive service that you apparently can't ask questions of.

    I use and (DWA) for PnF charts. As Dorsey Wright Associates has been sold a couple times in the past 8 years, it has revamp/ redone its website a couple times. Each redo a step backwards in my opinion. Slower and less featured than it was before. Then they spend their time fixing or adding back the functionality that they changed/ removed in the updates as they often don't consider the actual users when they do these things.

    I really like the speed and flexibility on for point and figure analysis. You can do so much more on StockCharts than you can on DWA including combining PnF characteristics with time based characteristics in the scanning and alerts. There are only a couple things in DWA that you can't do on StockCharts, but it's not anywhere close to being on the same level.

    DWA recently closed their user forums. All of the decades worth of user's question/answers/discussions removed, so you lost a sense of community for sure, as well as a resource for the users to refer to. Imagine if this forum was discontinued. There would be a tremendous void that you could never fill. Even with StockCharts extensive and well done videos and ChartSchool, without users being able to converse, it wouldn't be the same.

    There is another long time source for PnF charts and analysis named Investors Intelligence.

    This company bought the old Chartcraft business. The old Chartcraft people were pioneers in the art of PnF, but have died off. II is the source for some 'proprietary' technical breadth indicators and many professionals use the site. As many professionals use DWA. Neither site has the depth of information that you can get at

    All of this is just my opinion.
  • I appreciate the detailed response and info. I agree I do not know what is going on with those sites, no one responds to inquiries. I will check out investors intelligence, thanks for the recommendation. Stock charts is amazing for bullish percent P&F and I like how you can scan for certain patterns but my knock here is they only scan using the high/low method and not close only. In particular, I’m looking to scan for triple top/triple bottom patterns using the close only method. I have emailed support several times but no real traction on potentially enhancing. Thanks again.

  • You won't be able to scan on close only pricing on II. II has very limited PnF capabilities. I did try the software from Updata. This is the software that Jeremy DuPlessis helped create. He's no longer associated with it. It didn't scan on close only at the time I tried it unless you paid for very specific custom programming. I found it very slow and cumbersome and not useful at all. For example, You could only scan lists. If you wanted to scan the SP 500 you had to create a list with the SP500. If you wanted to scan the Russell 2000, well, you needed to create a couple of watchlists with the tickers in order to scan it. The data aspects were not to my liking at all. And it took multiple minutes to just load a list to run a basic scan against.

    Now, Definedge is Prashant Shah's software and I'm pretty sure that it scans on Close Only.

    BTW, Jeremy DuPlessis says that he only recommends

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