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Sorting Chartlists (not charts) in a predetermined order?

Dear friends, do you have any idea how to sort the order of appearance of Chartlists (not charts within a Chartlist)? 001 etc does not seem to work. Thanks for your advice, Robert


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2023
    You are correct that you can't click (e.g. on List Name on the Member page) to sort your lists.

    However, you can determine list order by name because the chart list names appear in alphabetical order.

    Here's a screen shot of my lists for the Energy sector:

    The numbers on the left determine the order the lists appear in. Probably more complicated than necessary, but it shows that names matter.

    If I needed another Energy list, I could name it 10 10 06 ... Other Energy and it would appear after 10 10 05 ... Coal.

    If I wanted to change the order of the list, I might have to change the names of multiple lists to get it right.

    If you add a list and it doesn't appear where you think it should, click away from the list page and come back. When the list page is refreshed, the lists should be in alpha order.
  • On this video he talks about how to order things. He also says that the 10 per page view has been replaced with Scrollview. I know that it was back on Bainbridge (a cute name applied to updates) that it got implemented but it got reversed back to 10 per page, at least on my account. So I don't know about that one. He's the Director of Operations at StockCharts, I'm not.
  • Thank you!
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