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Scan question

how can I scan a specific list of stock symbols only?


  • If you already have one or more lists, go to the Advanced Scan Workbench. Under the scan writing window are a set of drop downs. Open "Chartlists" (bottom left) and select the chart list you want to scan and click "Add". If you already have text in the scan window, the list name will appear at the bottom of the window. Cut and paste it to the top of the window, so it is the first line in your scan.

    If you have no lists, you have to create one. To do this, on the Members page, scroll down to "Your Chart Lists" and click the "New" icon to the right.

    Add in your symbols one by one, separated by a space or a comma.

    Name the list and save it.

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 11
    Once you have your chartlist created you can easily add any symbol directly from the chart. You may notice that at the top of the chart there is a line that says

    Save As . View All . Edit List

    So, when you have a chart up, you can click on the Save As and then add it to any of your lists. The 1st list will show up in the drop down by default, but you can pick any list. You can also edit the Name that you save it under.

    So let's say you want to know why you added this to a list. You can modify the name it saves as, with an abbreviated reason. "RSI crossed > 50 w/ double bottom showing" or anything you like. I use the Name field quite extensively for various reasons.
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