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SP500 scan for stocks in uptrend pulling back to 21 day EMA

Hi, has anyone written for this scan? Looking at video tutorials and documentation and not finding it helpful


  • Scans require you to be specific about what you want.

    For instance, you need to specify what "stocks in an uptrend" means in term the scan engine can understand. Note that everyone has a different idea of what an up trend is depending on how they want to trade. An up trend might mean the 200 MA is rising, or, the 50 MA is rising or the 21 MA is rising, etc.

    Then, you have to specify what pulling back to the 21 day EMA means. There are different ways to do it. You might specify that the ema is inside the range of current bar, i.e. the ema is less than today's high and greater than today's low. Or you could specify the the 3 day ema today is less than the 3 ema yesterday - that could catch a turn toward the 21 ema before it actually crosses it.

    Once you have decided specifically what you want, it's easier to find the code to do it. But if you need help, post what you have and we'll tweak it.
  • @jmcg24 You can also put Pullback in the search box on the upper right of this forum's homepage. A lot of discussions and scans in the results. The Search function on this forum is a great resource. I use it frequently.
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