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I have 145 alerts that I am experimenting with right now and I'd like to arrange them in order, but I can't figure out how they arrange. It's not in alphabetical order like my scans seem to do automatically. Would you happen to know how SC arranges them so that I can arrange them the way that I'd like?


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    If you click on the Alert column header, it will sort in Ascending/Descending order by name. I don't know why it defaults the way it does but it's probably based on created or triggered dates or some combination of the two. Alpha would probably make more sense as that would be consistent with how most of the other listings are defaulted.
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    Thank you. I'm not sure that I can describe what I see very well but the triggered alerts are sorted by the time each alert triggered. However, if you click on one of the triggered alerts it will take me to my saved alerts that are sorted by some method that I don't understand. It's not the same sorting as the saved scans. The scans can be arranged by numbers or by alphabetical order but the alerts will not.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited February 2023
    You are correct, as far as I can tell, the naming convention / default sort order that is used in the Scans isn't used in the Alerts. I was suggesting that you can sort the Alerts by clicking on the sort that is available in each column header. I appears to default to "Last Alert" sorting by default on my screenshot.

    I'm not aware of a setting that you can change the defaults on the Alerts Display.
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    Thanks again. I have learned something else that is different. I have many scans and almost all of them are huge and use almost all of the 8000 characters. The alerts will not accommodate the same number of characters as the scans. The alerts accommodate at least 100 fewer characters and probably a few less, don't know the exact difference. I stumbled across it once when I was updating scans and then my alerts.
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