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Go No Go

Does any one have ideas on how to write a scan for the Go No Go.


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Wish I could be of some assistance but I don't have any paid plug-ins on my account so I don't have any experience with them.

    I copied many of the new indicators from the ACP plug-ins below.

    GoNoGo I don't know what these indicators are based on yet. I did figure out the "Bars" as shown by the // comments above each.

    and [GoNoGo Buy is true]
    and [GoNoGo Sell is true]

    and [GoNoGo Short Buy is true]
    and [GoNoGo Short Sell is true]

    and [GoNoGo Go is true]
    and [GoNoGo NoGo is true]

    and [GoNoGo Oscillator > 0]

    and [GoNoGo Squeeze > 0]

    //amber = neutral
    and [GoNoGo Amber Bar is true]
    //aqua = weak bullish
    and [GoNoGo Aqua Bar is true]
    //blue = strong bullish
    and [GoNoGo Blue Bar is true]
    //pink = weak bearish
    and [GoNoGo Pink Bar is true]
    //purple = strong bearish
    and [GoNoGo Purple Bar is true]

    Some other new additions to the Scan workbench Technical Indicators include the "Moxie" and a bunch of Larry Williams indicators. I don't know much about these either.

    and [Moxie Auto > 0]
    and [Moxie Rising is true]
    and [Moxie Falling is true]

    and [Williams Accumulation Index(14) > 0]
    and [Williams Money Flow Index > 74]
    and [Williams PinchPaunch > 40]
    and [Williams Sentiment Index > 75]
    and [Williams VixFix(22) > 5]
    and [Williams WillTrend > close]

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