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How to construct a scan for a EMA (2) overlay of RSI(2), scanning for stocks where the overlay >60

I am using an overlay of EMA(2) to RSI(2) indicator. Struggling on how to construct a scan that will scan for stocks where the EMA(2) overlay is > 60. Would appreciate any help.

I have used [RSI(2)>EMA(2, RSI(2))] to sort for when RSI(2) is above it’s overlay. Learned to do this on this forum and has been very helpful in my charting-just need help with original question. Thanks.



    One of the examples in the above link is for EMA overlay. You can add the indicator that the EMA is the overlay for by using a comma and the indicator properties.

    So if you pull up EMA from the workbench dropdown, it defaults to

    and [EMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    You would change the EMA value from 50 to your preference, 2. Then change the volume to your indicator. In this case RSI(2)

    and [EMA(50,volume) > 9999999]


    and [EMA(2,RSI(2)) > 60]

  • Thanks-just what I needed-works perfectly.
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