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Question on SCTR...

What is the proper syntax for finding stocks that have an average SCTR value > 80 for the past 90 days?

Thank you!



  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Select the SCTR from the SCTR dropdown.

    You will need to select and use a moving average if you want an average.

    Then you would want to look for the Min value of the moving average over the last 90 days to find the ones that the Minimum value of the MA was greater than 80

    So, something that looks like this " min(90,EMA 20,SCTR) > 80 ". This is not formatted correctly. You can select the options in the workbench to add them appropriately. I just wrote that out freehand in this forum post. This says that the min value in the last 90 days of the EMA 20 for the SCTR is greater than 80 If you want greater than or equal to, change the > to >=

    If you get stuck, post what you have.

    link will cover the EMA SCTR option
    EMA 20,SCTR

    covers the Max SCTR, for Min, just use Min instead of Max.

    To see it on the chart, you would need to add the SCTR twice and put one behind the other.

    Example below. First instance of SCTR shows the MA, 2nd instance shows a horizontal line at 80

    I set the Opacity low so that the MA line stands out better.

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