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Chartlist with Password

i searched a lot without finding any solutions.
It's possible to set a Password to a Shared Chartlist?

Thank you so much



    The link above suggests you can share a list only with another Stockcharts member by emailing them a link to your list. I would assume the member would have to sign in with their own password before seeing your list. I don't know whether the member could edit your list (i.e. do they see it as your list, or is it imported into their own account, so now it is "their" list). So, you would have two-password protection - the other member's email password and their SC account password.

    Since it is SC policy that only you can enter your own account (per data vendor rules) you cannot put your own lists behind a password (for instance, if you wanted someone else to use your account but restrict their access to some lists).
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    From my experience a couple years ago with Shared lists, and for the last few years with public chartlists, they are read only for the sharee and they only can see your chartlist in Chartlist View. They can't save the chartlist to their account or manipulate it in any way. The sharer is just allowing the sharee to view the list in 10 per page Chartlist View and using the chartstyle that is saved to the chartlist by the sharer.
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