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Annotations move on charts when saving those same annotations on iPad and iMac.

When I place a single horizontal line on a stock Sharp Chart that represents the "Buy Price per Share" and then tap the red arrow over the sideways bracket in annotations drop down to save that line all is fine, but then I click in the Grayed Out Area to Save the Chart to my portfolio, the line jumps up into the indicators above the price chart rendering the feature useless for the purpose. After two inquries, Help has not answered this question. Any thoughts?


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I don't use the Annotation tools for much other than maybe illustrating something and screen shotting it, so I'm not an expert on Annotations.

    Something I'd suggest as an alternative, is to use the Horizontal Line from the Overlays dropdown on the chart. You would then add your Buy Price per Share into the parameter and save it.

    You can make them any style and color, they don't move and are precise. I add Horizontal Lines on all my chartstyles to show Gerald Appel's 'Magic Number" levels.

    You can also add multiple values into the parameters box, seperated by a comma. And you can color the lines using a colon color after the individual parameter. This works in the Indicator section as well. Horizontal Line is an option in the Overlays for the Indicators.

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