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Stockcharts Support

I am new to this forem, but have been using Stockcharts support for more than 20 years.
I have always been impressed by the quick response I get usually in less than 4 hours.

My last 3 support requests have gone unanswered. I am quite conserned, maybe they have reduced the support staff??

The first request was 3 weeks ago.
Second was 2 weeks ago
and the 3rd is now close to a week old

Has anyone else had issues with support lately?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 23
    This is a user forum (as you probably know). As far as I know, none of us has inside knowledge of Stockcharts operations.

    However, to share my experience, if a question identifies an actual problem on their side that can be corrected, e.g. a data error, a symbol misclassification, etc. then the response, as you note, is quick and mostly satisfactory. In case of internet access problems, if the problem is on their side, a notice will appear on twitter and maybe other forms of online notification.

    If the question is something that can be answered using the resources on site - e.g. Chart School, the Support page links, Your Account, etc. then they don't answer, apparently trusting you to eventually research the answer yourself. I don't know for sure that's the policy, but that's how it has worked for me in years past. Also, as you probably know, they don't offer scan advice or trading advice.

    Depending on the nature of your question, you could try you luck and post it here.

    P.S. one other thing - check you spam folder and filter. Your email service may be misinterpreting their responses as spam.
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I had a connection issue the other day. Chrome browser did an update and the site would give me an error that the Header was toooo big and the client couldn't process the javascript and other errors. I usually connect through Chrome and have for many years.

    I was able to connect using Firefox. I cleared all cache and rebooted, and still couldn't connect through Chrome. I googled the error and the suggestion was to try to connect In Cognito mode. That worked. So I contacted Support with Screenshots and explanation. About 90 minutes later, they responded that they weren't able to replicate the error on their side, nor were there other reports from other users, and sent me a link to help check the settings and troubleshoot on my browser.

    To wrap up what the issue was, in the Chrome update, they added/changed their Chrome Extension that created the javascript handling error. Disabling that, put me back to normal on all sites I access through Chrome.

    Most of the time when I put in a request for changing something or adding a feature, I don't get a response. They do say "Thank you for contacting us..." right on the screen after the submission so there is a timely response to all. It's just not the response you are expecting.

    That is why this forum is quite valuable. We can share experiences and help each other when we can. Can you imagine how different it would be without this forum?

  • It could be worse, you could buy Bitcoin through Blockchain.Con and get nothing but Canned responses, and never see any of your money again. (Once you request a Withdrawal.) 100% of People don't get a penny Back. Gotta Love this Crypto craze..
  • Me, i'll stick to stuff not Headquartered in Seychelles or Bermuda or (that Tiny island off Africa) i'll stick to regulated securities, that you Can get some of your money Back
  • They generally answer you, if you send Email to [email protected], Is That what you are using?
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited August 2
    They needed to see how comfortable people are with transferring their money (that you can transact in) into "digital currency" that you can't transact in. My favorite commercials are for SOFI. A SPAC that is offering above market rates on savings and below market rates on mortgages and says it safe to keep your "digital assets" in their vault. They have a lot of social media "investment" guys touting them as the next best thing to ever come along.

    I was shocked to see StockCharts get their Crypto tab up so quickly and treat it like a good thing. Admittedly, StockCharts has no fiduciary responsibility for anything but it legitimized what hasn't been regulated. They just added a brokerage partner though, and are aligning themselves with an Options firm that doesn't explain options uses very well. But I'm sure it's all on the up and up.

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