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52 week highs vs lows per market indicator

Seeking thie below item within stockcharts if at all possible. The pic is from a different service.

Looking for an indicator or chart of 52 week cumulative highs and lows - Please


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    There are many indicator symbols you can use. Below is the settings for the High/Low percentage for the SPX, MID and SML. Shown as a Histogram

    You can type High in the symbol search to see all of the ones available. They have them for sectors as well as all sorts of indexes.

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    Thank you Imkwin. Is this total new stock highs vs total new stock lows? It seems different but that may be the timing parameters.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited May 2023
    I'd have to look up the indicator definition.

    The way that you can find the ones that YOU want is to start typing in to the quote box the name, like

    nasdaq - high

    As you are typing the available symbols start to show as suggestions to what you are looking for.
    At the bottom of the suggestions is More results for ?????....
    Click on that line and it will take you to the symbol library

    The search allows you to see all of the options available as well as the definitions/further information if you click on the Mentions icon

    You may also see a Next at the lower right of that page, indicating that there are more symbols turned up in the Search. Click Next to go to the next page. I'm sure the indicators that you are looking for are in the system somewhere. I don't use the NDX High Low, but once you find what symbol(s) you want, you would add them to the chart as a Price Indicator and the symbol you want in the parameter field.

    Another nice feature in that search is you can look for other things

    So you can look for Nasdaq - High in ChartSchool Articles for example, and it will list out all of the ChartSchool mentions with links to the resource. They may have EXACTLY what you are looking for, already for your use. Or in Blog Articles, some StockCharts Author may have been writing articles on the thing you are interested in.

    So many excellent resources to use on StockCharts. You can also use the Magnifying Glass icon on their homepage but Symbol Search as I presented above is a good place to start with symbol needs.

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    edited May 2023
    Try This: type 'new highs' in the symbol box on The Select one

    Similar to what was already mentioned. but, a little broader, if you're looking for that.
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