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discount broker of Choice

Curious, who is your Favorite Discount STOCK broker? I have been using TdAmeritrade, but getting Awful, Awful fills (not favorable ) since they got bought by Charles Schwab

Also, Tastytrade seems to have an Enormous learning Curve... Finally figured it out, but now realized that a great many Options they don't permit Trading in

I liked Interactive brokers, but u need so many devices, just to be Able to log-in which is terrible, while traveling... I also was locked in a Falling position, because it REFUSED to Let me do a Simple market order (or, any Other type of order, for that matter! ) yes, I was "Trapped," in a Sinking position I could not exit From

leanin' towards Fidelity again, but i know from past experience, that their HR Hiring Dept. is the most nonsensical on the Planet. So, not so sure about them either. eToro doesn't allow a lot of stocks to be Traded, either. tradestation was horrible & Crooked, back in the Day, not sure after they got bought out. Really not finding a 'perfect' broker

Any Thoughts?!?!?


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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I was a big Scottrade supporter. They were the best ever in my opinion. But then they got bought by TD Ameritrade. Scottrade Elite was great and it did make ThinkorSwim a lot better over time. I'm liking ThinkorSwim a lot due to the custom/customizable indicators you can create and use.

    I use limit orders so I don't have bad fill experience that I'm aware of anyway. With the Schwab purchase, supposedly they are going to complete the integration this year. I'm looking forward to seeing the Schwab tools. I'm a charts guy. TDA has terrible charts. Laughably bad. Maybe intentionally bad. Like no minor Y axis options bad. Schwab supposedly has better charts.

    I'm not planning to swap to another but have heard good things about Interactive. Of course you never know what the future holds. What's good today can be gone tomorrow, as was the case with Scottrade.
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    Agree with pretty much all of what you said. I had a terribly Dishonest person i was working with at Scottrade, but try not to paint a whole company with a broad brush. i am using Interactive more and more they have some serious drawbacks, but appear to be one of the better brokers, nonetheless. It is a work in progress i guess... Agree with Ameritrade having terrible Charts. Mountain, dot-Line, MSN Money'esque Static Charts with Limited usefullness. lol. If anyone has positive experience with any broker i did not mention, please let us know! Thanks!
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