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Indicator of an Indicator

Hey guys,

I was wondering, I know I've done this Before so i know it's Possible: how do you make a scan for an Indicator of an Indicator, Like a 14 day moving average of Wm% or of Macd, for example?


  • insert the indicator inside the ma, where other values would go, e.g.

    and [sma(15, close)....] // a typical use of sma( )

    and [sma(15, MACD Line (12,26,9)) ... // substituting an indicator for a typical value - note TWO sets of parens
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭

    Pretty much anything you see with an ",exp" in the Syntax line may provide you with the opportunity to scan for different characteristics/ another filter option. Many though may not allow you to see on a chart as the Overlay option doesn't exist in the chart options, but does allow in the scan options. Moving averages are available as Overlays, but PPO isn't. But you can put

    and [PPO Line(12,26,9,cci(20)) < 0.0]

    into a scan and get results. I don't know how you would check the results on a chart.

    PPO is an option on the Indicators but not in the Overlays. CCI is an option in both the Indicators and the Overlays.

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I tend to not trust things I can't verify on the chart.

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