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Year to date Prtchange


any ideas how to scan YTD Prtchange scan pls, eg scan all >100% from YTD

Thx in adv


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    In the scan workbench in the Technical Indicators drop down there is a filter for PctChange. Add that to your scan. It defaults in like this

    and [PctChange(10,close) > 10]

    This is looking for the PctChange in the last 10 days to be greater than 10%

    You would need to figure out how many days is in the YTD period and change the (10,... to the YTD days number.

    A quick way to determine it is to use the calendar in the scan workbench. The calendar is the 0 in the "Starting 0 trading days before the..." line at the top of the workbench. Click on the 0 and then navigate the calendar back to the start of the year and select your beginning date. After you select the date you want, it will fill in the number for that date, replacing the 0 with your selected date.

    Take that number and put it into the PctChange(10,.... replacing the 10 with your number.

    Change the > 10 to > 100 also.

    Then change that number in the calendar field back to 0.

    and [PctChange(ytd#,close) > 100]

    The calendar feature is a GREAT way to lookback or 'backtest' your scan to see what it would have returned in prior periods as well. So you could look at bearish periods, sideways periods, and bullish periods of the general market to see what your scan was telling you were options. Then you can see how the picks performed subsequent to being identified by your scan.

    If you already have a chartlist, you can view YTD return information using the Summary view and the Performance view. In Summary view change the Period from Intraday to YTD, and the Pct change will reflect the YTD return on the list. You can save the sort by clicking on the Number in Sorted Order button at the bottom of the screen. In Performance view there is a column for YTD return as well as other returns.

    You can sort the list by clicking on the % CHG header in Summary view or clicking on the YTD PERF header in Performance view.
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