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RSI Curving Up

RSI Curving Up. Is this correct syntax?
RSI(14) > One Day Ago RSI(14) and One Day Ago RSI(14) < 2 days Ago RSI(14)


  • and [RSI(14) > 1 Day Ago RSI(14)]
    and [1 Day Ago RSI(14) < 2 days Ago RSI(14)]
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    Another, often overlooked, filter option is the Streak Up, and Streak Down. These will look for a consecutive run in the direction you pick and the period you pick.

    Streak Up defaults into the workbench like this:

    and [Streak Up(close) > 1]

    It is the number of periods in a row where the value has increased for the given expression such as “close”, “volume” or “rsi(14)”, or other indicators.

    So you could change it to

    and [Streak Up(RSI(14)) >= 3]

    to get 3 days (or more) up. So if it's been up 6 days in a row, it is still going to show.

    IF by "Curving Up" you mean it WAS going down and then is going up, you'd need to specify that the RSI was lower than prior and now is "curving up" with a consecutive increases. and 3 days ago RSI < 4 days ago RSI and Streak Up 3 RSI >=3 or something like that.

    Another, often overlooked, filter options is the Count Up and Count Down. This looks at a period you specify and then looks for number of times the value has increased or decreased in the period.

    Count Up defaults into the workbench like this"

    and [Count Up(20, close) > 10]

    This line is asking for the close to be UP greater than 10 times in the last 20 days. Using the Count filters gives the indicator the ability to be down within the period. If you bump the 10 to 15 then it would be asking for 16+ out of 20 to be up. The results would allow up to 4 periods to be down for the indicator. Maybe 0 were down, maybe 2.

    You can use the Count UP and Down in the Rank By to see the results

    Rank by [Count Up(20, close)]

  • Thank you markd and inkwin
  • Hi Daniel Kumusta na? I am assuming the Last symbol you Meant to use "Less than" since u are looking for stocks that have gone down & then Turned up

    make sure to use Parenthesis around each clause, to not confuse the engine.

    you could also experiment with different intervals in the RSI, to fit different stocks
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