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David's scan list

I watched David Keller's video. I saw he have a scan list of :
Pullback in LT uptrend
Pullback to 50 days moving average

How can I build a skeleton of the scans to identify the pullback?


  • What's the title of the video? He has a lot of them.
  • Thanks markd
    Here it is...
    Overextended Market Whimpers Into Weekend | David Keller, CMT | The Final Bar (06.16.23)
  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    So it looks like, if you freeze the video around the 26:13 mark, he uses the PPO for his LT, MT, ST. on a weekly chart.

    LT is 21,34,0
    MT is 5,13,0
    ST is 1,5,0

    Bull is above 0
    Bear is below 0

    So the LT weekly PPO is Above 0 // to get the LT Bull part
    And the MT weekly PPO is greater than -1 and 4 weeks ago streak down 3 weekly PPO >=3 // to get the pullback to the "50"
    And the MT weekly PPO is greater than 1 week ago weekly PPO // to get the MT weekly rising

    Would be an option.

    aand [weekly PPO Line(21,34,0) > 0.0]
    and [[4 weeks ago Streak Down(weekly PPO Line(5,13,0)) >=3] and [weekly PPO Line(5,13,0) > -1]]

    and [weekly PPO Line(5,13,0) > 1 weeks ago weekly PPO Line(5,13,0)]

    Rank by [weekly PPO Line(5,13,0)]

    PPO is a very versatile tool to use. It is one of my most highly regarded indicator to use on a time chart. It's not available for use on the PnF chart
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