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HELP...I am trying to create 2 different scans

Hi -

I am new here and am trying to write two simple scans that I can add to my other scans. Can anyone help me this first scan:

I would like today's close on the EMA 8 > EMA 13 and
Yesterday's close EMA 8 > EMA 13 and
2 Days ago EMA 8<=EMA 13

Also...any help here as well is greatly appreciated.

Today's close PPO (which I have at 13, 21,8) >0
Yesterday's close PPO (which I have at 13, 21,8) >0
2 Days ago close PPO (which I have at 13, 21,8) <0

Thank you in advance for your help :-)

Randy G


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited June 21
    You would go into the Advanced Scan Workbench.

    It defaults to

    Then you would Select your filters using the Dropdown menus. The EMA and the PPO are listed in the Technical Indicators dropdown. Select them, add them to the scan workbench by clicking the Add button. Change the filter values to match up with your requirements.

    For example, EMA will default into the workbench like this:

    and [EMA(50,volume) > 9999999]

    You would like the EMA8 of the close, so we'll change the 50 to an 8 and the volume to close.

    and [EMA(8,close) > 9999999]

    Using the example, you would continue to add the elements of your scan using the dropdowns and modifying the criteria.

    Save your custom scan with a name you like that is somewhat descriptive. Instead of Scan 1 and Scan 2, maybe use My EMA 8 crossover or something along those lines so that you can know from the name what it does. You can always rename it, once you get the hang of using the scan workbench and saving custom scans.

    If you get stuck, copy what you have from the workbench code to this forum for troubleshooting/ assistance.

    Another great resource on is the Predefined Scans. You can click on any of them to see the results, and in the upper line is a button to Edit Scan Criteria. This will open that scan on the scan workbench so you can see how IT is constructed. You can save that to your custom scans directly from there as well. It's a great way to learn the building blocks of scan writing.

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