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Basic Question About Scanning

Is there a way to run a technical scan against just the symbols in one of my chart lists rather than running the scan against all of the symbols in the StockCharts database?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited July 2023

    In your scan, on the top line, add the name of your list.

    You can do this on the scan workbench page.

    Under the scan window is a set of drop downs under the heading "Scan Components".

    On the bottom left is a drop down called "Your Chartlists". Click on that to see your chart lists and select the one you want to scan, and click add.

    The name of your list will appear AT THE BOTTOM of your scan. Cut and paste it so it is the first line at the TOP of your scan.

    P.S. you could also take a look at the "Indexes and ETFs" drop down and the "Sectors and Industries" drop downs for other ways to limit the scope (the universe, in scan speak) of your scan.
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    lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    I do this all the time just to sort a list of mine. Let's say that I want to see my Chartlist(s) in Slow Stoch 115,45 order. I just create a scan

    favorites list is 149]] // ChartMill Weinstein Stage 1 New Stage 2

    rank by [Slow Stoch %K(115,45)]

    and it produces a list that is the contents of that list but sorted by the Rank By. I can then save the results to a new list, or replace the old list in the new sorted order.

    Just an FYI. DO NOT REPLACE THE LIST IF you customize the Name field or the Notes field on the current list with information. The SCAN will not keep those notes or changes. It is ONLY returning the symbols and sorting them.
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    You can pull up your Chartlists, and then select ‘Candleglance’ I think it is called, then select any indicator to Display on all of your charts simultaneously, such as CCi to the bottom of the chart(s)

    It helps, to Quickly scan 20 or 30 stocks or more that you are following, for your specific criteria

    Not sure if this will achieve what you are trying to accomplish, but it is one additional option/method available

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    puts dozens of “mini-charts’ onto one screen.

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