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Volume trend…

Anyone looking at the OBV on BDRX? Thoughts?


  • On Balance Volume

  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    reverse splits will do crazy things to the charts
  • That is True.
  • Adx Actin' Funky Monkey Skyrocketing too.
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited July 22
    Apparently the reverse split explains it.

    A highly speculative pharma stock developing cancer treatments, but none approved yet. There may also be additional volume, probably from its backers, to avoid de-listing. But I don't see anything to indicate it's sustained buy.
  • yeah they only have revenues of half a million or so. Fidelity and morgan stanley started buying minor stakes in February and March. I've never heard of Kingsview Wealth Management. Think i'll stay away from this one. the sector's under some pressure this morning.
  • Something's probably wrong, if their Market Cap is 1.32M and they have Total Cash on hand on their Balance Sheet of $2.84M
  • they have only been Public for three years, I think
  • i do Wish them luck tho the survival rate for these children is otherwise 10 months and This is the only company anywhere close to a cure
  • i decided to forgo the 15% gain today and bought something else. Time will tell…

  • Not regretting, bought S/t puts on a Popular meme Stock… 29% in two days… on the underlying alone… SCORRE

  • yeah you guys were right, 9 out of 10 days rejection wicks. I’ll keep my Powder dry on that one

    my only regret is i didn’t keep my Zyjl which has tripled in the past six months since i bought it

    Still on the prowl for some small caps.

  • Those SIRI puts were beautiful….

  • Not gonna lie though i am curious how bd can have three times more Cash on hand, than the Entire market cap! Maybe i should buy the company, lol.

    Treat y’all to a Movie. anything that doesn’t have the word ‘barbie’ in it

  • SofearnotSofearnot
    edited August 4
    sweet 82.35% (So far) gain Today, if anyone DID buy it though
  • SofearnotSofearnot
    edited August 4
    it's Decent.

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