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Chart Style, Point and Figure

Up to yesterday, I had a Chart Style that used Point and Figure Charts. I could save the Chart Style to Candleglance, and when look at a chart list, view as Candleglance, i got point and figure charts. This stopped working for me.
In addition, If I pull a Sharp Chart, I can no longer select chart type Point and Figure. It is no longer in the list of optional types.

Anyone else? Any hints for returning what I used to have?

I've contacted support with this question (5 minutes ago, so not expecting a reply yet) and they recommended this Answer network.


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited July 31
    You can't Save your specific PnF chart style as your default CandleGlance. Or at least you couldn't in my 7+ years as a subscriber.

    Inside the CandleGlance view there is a dropdown called CHART DURATION.

    You can select the PnF Traditional Scale or PnF 1% scale to view the list with those charts. The ADD INDICATOR will work with those styles as well, you just will not be able to see the indicator on the view. The ADD INDICATOR is great for sorting purposes, in my opinion.

    There is an option in the dropdown called Custom Style. You can save your preferred line chartstyle to this option by following a few simple steps.

    The ADD INDICATOR will not work with Custom Style though.

    This link is to show the specific custom chartstyles you can create to use in various areas of the site.

    You CAN set a Default PnF chartstyle when you are in the PnF chart workbench. They have Save As Default showing next to the ChartStyles Predefined Settings at the top of the workbench options. Once you set your PnF chart options the way you like them, you can click Save As Default. This will be your PnF chartstyle when viewing PnF charts. It will also be the PnF chartstyle used in the Gallery View option.

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