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Need a scan that will show a close above 1 week SMA

what have {weekly SMA(18,weekly volume) >40000, Thanks in advance


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    edited August 19

    So you'd select the Close from the Price drop down and the SMA from the Technical Indicators dropdown. Then change the Close to Weekly Close. Change the Volume in the SMA to Close and the period to 1, add weekly in fron of SMA and weekly in front of close and see what you get.

    It would look like this but this is not formated with parenthesis and brackets.

    weekly close > weekly SMA1,weekly close
  • Kevin didn't say crossing above MA, but if he wants that

    weekly close x weekly SMA1,weekly close
  • Sorry, typing is awful, want to see price close above 18 week SMA, Thanks
  • I would like to run this scan every day and see price cross above the 18 week SMA as it happens each day, hope this makes sense. Appreciate all help

  • so what I have is [weekly close X SMA(18,weekly close)]
  • Should work.

    A couple of notes.

    You also need to specify a "universe" - a group of stocks that have something in common - like

    [group is sp500]

    or it could be a set of characteristics like

    [[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD]]
    and [market cap > 1000]
    and [sma(20, volume) > 50,000]

    or something similar. That should come first, at the very top of your scan. And then add your setup condition:

    and [weekly close x SMA(18,weekly close)]

  • Thanks Markd and Imkwim for your help.
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