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SCTR reports scan

is there a way to create my own SCTR reports like stock charts does showing my own custom look back period? Showing the change over say a 21 day period sort?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 3
    [group is sp500 ] // or whatever universe you want to look at, or specify custom market cap, price, volume, etc.

    and [SCTR > 20 days ago SCTR] // substitute your own value for 20 days ago (a month)

    rank by [SCTR - 20 days ago SCTR]

    The advanced editor pops a syntax error for the 'rank by' line, but if you run the scan it appears to deliver valid results.

    If you save the list with "preserve sorted order" the company name associated with each symbol will be preceded by a four digit number based on the SCTR change value rank. You can further sub-sort the results on the summary page by clicking next to one of the sortable column names (e.g. Sector or Industry) and then dropping to the bottom of the page to click "Number in sorted order". That will add another 4 digit number in front of the first four. You can do that as many times as you need. But start with the most general headings first, e.g. sector and industry. Sorting by columns with unique values will mask the SCTR value rankings.
  • Adding to the Summary Page sorting, just a reminder that there are many more columns and options in the Summary Page for use.

    When you go to Summary view of a chartlist it defaults in with these options showing above the list view.

    You can select a different price performance Period using the dropdown. You can also select which columns are displayed by clicking on the Columns button.

    And there are a lot of options/ columns that you can choose to see or not. Then you can sort on those columns and save Numbered in sorted order as well. So you can sort by upcoming earnings date. Or ADX or RSI, etc. and save your existing list in that order.

    To remove the numbering, view the list in Edit View. Click on the Select All and then the click on the Remove Numbers from Selected charts icon.

    Just an FYI, that paintbrush button to the left of the remove Numbers button is a way that you can apply your saved chartstyles or Predefined Chartstyles to your list.

    Comes in handy when the system is acting a little wacky.
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