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stocks >=5times over 10M volume in 50 days


need your very kind advice on below
want to scan & return stocks >=5times over 10M volume in 50 days, any ways to get it?

thanks in adv


  • You want the normal or usual volume to be under 10 million but the volume has spiked to over 10 million, at least 5 times in the last 50 days?

    Could be a tough one or an easier one depending on where that normal volume is.

    Is that what you are looking for?

    Easy way is to scan for 50 day SMA or EMA volume < 10 million and max 50 volume is > 10 million. Then use a chart with the volume Indicator added and a Horizontal Line at 10000000 to use to see the results.

    This is JPM volume example. >= 5 times in the last 50 days

    Stockcharts recently added the Relative Volume or RVOL to the scan workbench

    You might play around with that one to see if that works for you. You'd want to first look for securities that have an average volume less than your threshold and then the RVOL level would be your spikes. But, you have that issue of where "normal" level is vs what is a "spike"?

    Otherwise you would have a bunch of stocks trading in that area of volume. Maybe that is what you are looking for? AMZN traded over the 10 million level 50 times in the last 50 days.

  • Assuming you mean "volume > 10M 5 times in 50 days":

    The scan language does not include variables, so you couldn't set up a counter variable to increment each time it found volume > 10M. Also, it doesn't have loop structures that allow you to step through each record (those are built in to functions, like SMA(10, close), but not available to users).

    The scan language is designed to identify static conditions (e.g. market cap=1000, MACD Line > Signal, etc. ) and threshold events, e.g. Hist x 0. It does have some counting functions - Count Up, Count Down, Streak Up, Streak Down, but you can't specify by how much the value has increased or decreased.
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