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Sector Spiders

I have recently decided to try my hand at trading SC sector spiders like XLY and XLP. I use Interactive Brokers to place trades and I use their charting system to watch inter day action. For some reason there is a huge discrepancy between their chart pricing and SC chart pricing. It's forcing me to stop our much sooner than I had anticipated. As an example, I will use XLP. Using IB charts to find the previous swing low for XLP on Sept 6th, I see $71.20 give or take a few pennies but using SC I see the same swing low on Sept 6th but the pricing is something less than $70.80 give or take a few pennies. Would you know why their is such a difference in pricing between the two services?


  • At this moment both SC and IB are showing the same price at about $71.35 for XLP. Are there some kinds of pricing adjustments made from time to time similar to what is done using leveraged ETF's?
  • I'm guessing, and it's only a guess, "discrepencies" between the displays might have something to do with delayed prices and update cycles, as well as chart periods.
  • Thanks. I don't know what to make of it. The low for Sept 6th at IB is 71.21 as best that I can tell but it's within a penny or two, I have to use a cursor and hold over that day. At SC however, the low is said to be 70.73, quite a bit lower. At this moment both report the current price for XLP to be 71.57. Weird
  • XLP showing low of 71.21 9/6/23 on thinkorswim

    past data on SC shows

    It looks like a data provider issue to me that can be reported to SC Support for review if you would like.
  • Thanks for checking with your platform. However, it looks like it's SC who got it right and IB, my platform, who may have gotten wrong. I'll re read when I've had some coffee, lol. Thank you for checking
  • FYI, I called IB and talked to them about such a large discrepancy. They sent me to the NYSE. com site because that's where they get their information. It shows a low of 71.21 and a high of 71.60 for Sept 6th.
  • Look at this, they did respond.. Dear David,

    Thank you for contacting us. We adjust our historical price data to remove the effects of fund distributions, dividends and stock splits from our charts. Splits, distributions and dividends are "artificial" changes in the price of a ticker symbol that create gaps on technical charts causing misleading signals from technical indicators. To eliminate those gaps, we decrease our historical prices (and increase our historical volume data) in a way that removes these misleading signals.

    We post notices for all of our data adjustments on this page:

    For more information about our data adjustment policy, please see this article:

    If you would like to see charts of unadjusted data, you can add an underscore character to the front of the stock's normal symbol. For example, you can use "_IBM" to see unadjusted data for IBM.
  • Ahhh, the distribution on the 18th "adjusted" the prior data. Unfortunately you can't scan on unadjusted data, and the only way you would know you may want to use unadjusted data is by putting the Events overlay on the chart (distributions show on bottom edge of price chart) , or adding the Dividends Technical Indicator to the chart, or using the Full Quote option and looking for the Dividend/Yield fields.

    Makes sense

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