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Point and Figure Relative Strength Chart.

Hello all, first time posting here.

I am looking a way (automatically) to draw P&F RS chart via charting software or spreadsheet so I can do some back test individual sec against market index or sec against sector.

I realize this can be done easily with set of data via spread sheet, I am having trouble drawing P&F RS chart. any suggestions?



  • I know of no software. There are some excel spreadsheets links plugging it into google, but i don't know about if it's worth the effort and/or risk to download them when you can probably accomplish the same thing using the data and creating your own thresholds. An RS chart uses a logarithmic scale so you can easily establish when a price comparison moves up by X%, it's in a column of X. A move down by X% would be your reversal to O's. You can probably plot that on a line chart in excel pretty easily. A PnF chart is just a different visual representation of the same data.
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