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ARGoN Acampora's Relative Grid of Nine.

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@Julius_RRG Julius de Kempenaer has written a couple blog articles on with a couple interviews with Ralph Acampora recently. Very interesting articles and the interviews and discussions with Mr. Acampora are quite engaging and thoughtful.

They discuss a "new" method of segmenting stocks into a grid of nine boxes, 3x3 they are calling ARGoN. Acampora's Relative Grid of Nine.

The boxes represent pairs of performance, Price and Relative. For each, the performance is either Up, Down or Flat, giving you 9 different combinations for the pairs. The top row has Price Up and Relative Up, Price Up and Relative Flat, Price Up and Relative Down. The middle row relationships are the Price is Flat and the Relative is Up, Flat or Down. And the Bottom row, the Price is Down and the Relative is Up, Flat or Down.

In this post there is a link to a page on that shows an automated view of the grid for some indexes to see how they are ranked in the ARGoN.

An interview with Mr. Acampora

Another interview with Mr. Acampora

Interesting stuff. I've mentioned that, in my opinion, Relative performance is fun, but you can only make actual money using Price performance. ARGoN seems to support that idea.

Thank you Mr. de Kempenaer for sharing these concepts and continually pushing the edges of data visualization.

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