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How would you set up this chart? Is there a template for this look?

I would like to use this chart for several different chart groups how would you set this up? is there a template for this style chart?

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  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
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    On your chartstyle you can set up other symbols using the Price or Price Performance in the Indicators dropdown. You can put the symbol you want to see in the parameters box and then update the chart. To get the sizing to be the same between the panels you may need to change the Height of the Indicator(s) down from Auto to a specific number, like 1.0 or something that evens up the sizing of the panels. You'd have to play around with it.

    On the chart you are showing, the symbol for the main chart is $NAA20R All of the other symbols were added by using the Price or Price Performance in the Indicators dropdown and putting those symbols into the parameter boxes.

    Different Subscription Levels have different Max number of symbols allowed. I believe on the Extra level it is 6 different Price data sets. On the Pro it's 10. The above chart has 10.

    And just an FYI, to get the Horizontal Lines to show like that you would need add an Overlay of Horizontal Lines with a parameter of 15,85 on each Price Indicator panel. This will place a Horizontal line at 15 and another at 85 each Price Panel.

    Those names in Blue on each panel were added using the Annotation tools. Once you get the chart set up, you can use them to add text blocks where you want them and then save them to a chartlist.
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