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Changing Oscillators in Full Sto's

Is there a way to customize the 80/20 oscillators when using Full Stoh's Indicator. I would like to hide the 80/20 values but add some customized values?

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  • VicDVicD
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    Cancel this inquiry. I found elsewhere in these discussions how to solve this for me. Thanks again


  • lmkwinlmkwin ✭✭
    If you found the one where I said you can do it with two instances of the stoch, you can actually do it in one and combine both the Horizontal Line parameters into one parameter field.

    so the 20:white,80:white in the 1st instance

    and the

    30:blue,70:blue in the 2nd instance

    can be combined into one instance of the Stochastic with 20:white,80:white,30:blue,70:blue in the Horizontal Line parameter. You can color every Horizontal Line parameter as you wish. number colon color comma number colon color comma.....
  • Thanks, this was the approach I needed.
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