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A quick way to create a chartlist

Sometimes you want to create a chartlist for certain indexes, sectors or industry groups. You certainly can create a Scan to do that and save the results to a chartlist. Another quick way to create these types of lists is using the Chartlist Edit function.

You can use an existing chartlist or create a new one and go to Edit. In Edit there is a button to Add Symbols. Click on that and it opens a dialog box that looks like this

If you click on the From Group tab it opens a new dialog box that looks like this

Using the dropdown arrows you can select a Group (many Indexes and Sectors available here) or Industry Group to add to your chartlist in a couple clicks.

I'm often using the Sector Summary and drilling down into a sector and industry group and wish that I could review those charts in list view from that page but you can't. Using this Add Symbols feature, you can quickly create a chartlist of many things for your review


  • Maybe they are starting to take comments to heart. I've been commenting on his and David Keller's videos for a while suggesting that they start working this type of instruction into their videos like this. Start to finish, show how you actually do it. Don't tell me that you can do it. Just do it.

    I posted this comment here last week, and this Friday's StockCharts In Focus is about.....
  • Well done. The presentation could be (a lot) tighter, but still, an improvement.
  • He gets distracted too easily... and they believe that they need to do 30 minute "episodes".
  • Well, I would say less time on the hype and more on substance - SHOW how useful the tools are, let them sell themselves.
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